Company registered in the United States over trade marks

American continent international limited, registered "ultra" trademark by the trademark review and adjudication Board by the State administration for industry and Commerce (hereinafter the "judges") approved, the Chinese Football Association then sued, asking the Court to revoke the trademark approved. The morning of 29th, Xinhua learned from the Beijing Municipal first intermediate people's Court, the trial court judge to revoke the decision. According to the Court, in 2002, was introduced in China "chaoshifa supermarket chain" company on the American continents to the national trademark office an application for registration, "super" 3 logo used in radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, school education, organizing competitions, as well as on television advertising, promotion and other services. Chinese Football Association was challenged during the notice period with the Trademark Office, the Trademark Office approved the "ultra" trademark registered. Subsequently, the Chinese Football Association and the trademark review and adjudication Board, apply for a review, the judges ruled in May 2010 4, the "ultra" trademark registered.
trab believes that existing evidence, the Chinese Football Association founded in January 2001, the Chinese Football Association Super League, and plans for Super League in 2004 and. This indicates that the Chinese Super League in "ultra" trademark before the application for registration has not entered the implementation stage, in football is still at an early stage, does not enjoy the popularity. "Ultra" trademark registration did not result in any adverse effect, does not constitute a trademark. Chinese Football Association appeal judges to the Court, for rescission of the decision.
Court by trial think, this case in the, "in the Super" is "China Football Association Super League" of referred to, "in the Super" since its concept birth of day up, on inherited has methyl a, League in public in the of influence, coupled with China FA in authority media Shang for has mass publicity reported, related public has in "in the Super" and China FA Zhijian formed has only corresponds to relationship. Therefore, the American continents in radio and television advertising and other services registered on the "ultra" trademark, related public goods can be easily derived from the Chinese football association or connection with the Chinese Football Association, and adverse effects. Accordingly, the Court revoked the judges ruled that while ruling the judges on "ultra" trademark registration approval of renewed determination. BACK

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