Guizhou Winery trademarks were Japanese companies registered national trademark office rejected registration

Because awareness is not strong, shiqian County mark for "mark" trademark was registered. Knowing this information, Tongren City Government immediately organized personnel linkage, positive rights, and finally have the support of the state trademark Bureau, preventing cybersquatting acts, while further strengthening the application for trademark registration. Shiqian
Mark wine is well-known liquor brands in Tongren city of the last century, the wine in 1986 and was named the fourth wine in Guizhou, and in 1988 won the first China food fair gold medal, and in 1993 won the China quality liquor products and so on. After mark Winery since 1984 technical innovation, with an annual output of 300 tons, and annual output value of 11 million Yuan. To straighten out the relationship between Government and enterprises, shiqian County Government in 2003 will mark the winery after the reform of Zhejiang merchants contracted to operate. To revive the shiqian mark wine industry, all levels of Government by big business, Hubei yihua Group's investment in 2011 with the introduction of the new (extension) mark distillery.
"mark" trademark survived rush-"mark" trademark is a mark Distillery, shiqian County, Guizhou province, July 1999 and in September 2001 application to the state trademark office registered trademark is valid for 10 years. March 2003, Japan mark Corporation to national trademark Council application registered "mark" trademark, for the trademark has was Guizhou province shiqian mark Winery registered, March 2005 national trademark Council Law dismissed its application; but Japan mark Corporation to Guizhou province shiqian mark Winery holds of "mark" trademark and Yunnan province Daguan county name for by to national trademark Council proposed dispute application, national trademark Council accepted Hou, on Japan mark Corporation on Guizhou province shiqian mark Winery registered of "mark" Trademark disputes to the plant sent a letter because the winery has contracted merchants operating in the field, the contractor did not attach great importance to this matter, no reply, the matter has not reported to the County Government. The national trademark office on May 25, 2009 "undo mark Distillery, shiqian County, Guizhou province, registered mark trademark" ruling. Japan mark Corporation registered with the state trademark office "mark" trademark, December 27 announcement of first instance in the same year. Shiqian
industry and Commerce Bureau, after that, immediately report to the County Government, and relevant departments urging Zhou immediately by the contractor in accordance with the law adopted on March 25, 2010 submitted to the State Trademark Office trademark agency "notice of opposition", and dismissed the objection application for registration of a trademark in accordance with law to safeguard the "mark" trademark rights.
emergency response "mark" trademark outflow, either from the point of view of intellectual property rights, or from the regional characteristics and cultural point of view, would be a great loss. Last year, the city and County industrial and commercial Bureau reported to the Provincial Bureau of trademarks, coordination with the national trademark office. Provincial trademark office contact on several occasions with the national trademark office, communication.
on March 10, the Government of Tongren City Mayor Xia Qingfeng was informed of the incident, very seriously, to the municipal industrial and commercial Bureau inquire about it. Secretary Pu Tinglong, moved on to the convening of workshops, shiqian County, with the County Government, the trade and Industry Bureau, the trade and Industry Bureau on "mark" trademark objections on specific programmes of work. On March 12, shiqian County Government organized the Conference, decided to form a special working group, rushed to Beijing to handle the matter, and on March 14 in Beijing, multi-link with requests for help and guidance. Beijing Sukeyuki after intellectual property agency for the "mark" trademark opposition. Meanwhile Japan mark Corporation applied for registration of "gold mark" and "Silver Crown mark" trademark objections and proceed with registration "DAGUAN", "mark", "mark for people", "mark", "mark" 5 trademark.
linkage rights successfully on March 26, according to Mayor Xia Qingfeng instructions Pu Tinglong Secretary to get in touch with the State Trademark Office, reported on the matter, and attention. On March 27, the State Trademark Office ruled that Japan mark Corporation application for "mark and the" trademark found to have constituted a mark Distillery, shiqian County, Guizhou province, to use and have a certain influence "mark" trademark squatting, no registration. On April 3, Xia Qingfeng Mayor team made a special trip to the State Trademark Office for further advice and request guidance.
it is understood that the mark listed wine dressed up again today. Hubei yihua group to revive new owner Mark wines with confidence, plans to invest 530 million Yuan this year expands the capacity to 3500 tons.
stone moved the editor "mark" brand regained astonishing break out in a cold sweat, a remote county in far from large markets, after decades of efforts, finally set up an intellectual property rights, had been one of possession, one of the lessons and learn.
brand, it is putting in a lot of manpower and material resources, the integration of the cultural wisdom, after years of accumulating the formation of crystals, banner products business to a large market, it should be treasured. Through this case, two questions should give us food for thought: how our intangible assets, intellectual property rights should be protected, and how are infringed upon should safeguard their lawful rights and interests BACK

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