Jiangxi Shangrao Yugan aquaculture "hugs" brand "Taizu" trademark by the State Trademark Office

Recently, the good news coming from the state trademark Bureau, Foresty, Yugan special aquaculture marketing cooperatives reported "Taizu" trademark by the State Trademark Office. The good news, was inspired by Director Jiang Jinde and 198 members of cooperatives. This logo is a common design Jiang Jinde and members. Jiang Jinde are Rui Hong Jiang Jia village, Yugan, 52 years old, has more than 20 years dealt with the aquaculture industry, is a shrewd pragmatic aquatic product businessman. More than 20 years ago, Jiang Jinde was a moment when the head boy began shipping seafood, Yugan river port, a proof of the territory and outside the County of Poyang, Jiujiang, stars and other places have left his presence. Today, with the advanced improvement land transport networks, water gradually losing ground. Jiang Jinde see their dilemma, when change is change. In 1996, he began to Feng Hong Kong partnership, and aquaculture. Later, more and more aquaculture operators to join in. We booked a verbal agreement, breeding, sale. In 2007, see the County's growing fishery cooperatives, Jiang Jinde and many partners are also thinking of setting up a cooperative, so that his team will not only have the proper formal name, increased influence to attract more participants, forming hugs advantages, you can also enjoy State preferential policies and project support. Then, after some preparations, cooperative funded by the local 198 fishermen 89.5 million Yuan to set up a "Foresty, Yugan special aquaculture marketing cooperatives". Jiang Jinde aquaculture, marketing and 198 families finally have their own "home". Recommended by the US democracy, Jiang Jinde became the leader of the cooperative movement. According to the national trademark Office approved, "Taizu" trademark use commodity category 31st, shellfish (live), fish eggs and live fish and lobsters (live), shrimp (live), spiny lobster (live), sea cucumbers (in vivo).
cooperatives give members benefits is to expand the influence of the most direct, for capital, technology, information sharing and maximize the benefits. Today, the cooperative has more than 7,000 acres of farming water, annual aquaculture production value reached 180 million Yuan. In addition, the cooperatives also throw aquatic product marketing for a successful water products sold in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, and 5000 tons of annual sales, and sales of nearly 200 million. Cooperatives have their own network of brands and sales channels, aquatic products sales in the past just to stay in the "mouth, acquaintance bridge", was now "a mouse, cooperative fisheries information spread around......" BACK

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