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How to apply for a renewal of registered trademarks

First, brief description of

registered trademark are valid for 10 years. Need used after the expiry date of a registered trademark shall apply for renewal of the registration within 6 months prior to the expiration. Failed to apply during this period, there are 6 month grace period. The extension has not been applied, will be liquidated after the expiry of the Trademark Office.

Second, handling approach

applying for renewal of registration marks have two ways:

(a) the registered delegate at the Trademark Office's trademark Agency ( hit the United States intellectual property rights ).

(b) the applicant directly to the Trademark Office's trademark registration Hall for (national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun applicants to the trademark Bureau Office of national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun, Office address is: Temple, 9th, Haidian District, Beijing Municipal Administration for industry and Commerce Bureau Haidian branch administrative offices on the second floor lobby).

three renewals of the book format

renewal file formats is only one, namely the registration of trademark renewal applications.

four, three steps to apply for

(a) preparing application form

1, application form to be submitted as follows:

(1) the registration of trademark renewal applications

(2) qualification of the applicant by a seal or signature confirmation copies of documents

(3) submit the power of Attorney of the agent, Directly in trademark registered Hall handle of submitted handling people of ID and the copies (original by than on back also)

(4) registered card copies

(5) application file for foreign of, also should provides by translation institutions or agent institutions signed chapter confirmed of Chinese translations

2, and specific description

(1) according to applications Shang of requirements one by one fill in, and must is typing or printing. The applicant is a natural person, you should fill in the number after the name.

(2) the trademark applications for renewal of registration shall be submitted for each book 1.

(3) directly to the trademark registration Hall for, shall be submitted to the people in charge of identity card copy; entrusts a trademark Agency, you should submit a power of Attorney for trademark.

(4) application for renewal of trademarks total trademarks, should submit an application on behalf of the representative.

(5) in accordance with the provisions of trademark law article 34th, objections of opposition cannot be established upon adjudication and registration of trademarks, trademark registration obtained trademark rights since the date on which the notice expires in three months in the first instance. Therefore, objection, objection review, dissent is in review proceedings of the trademark, trademark renewal, you can apply for renewal within six months prior to the expiry of the validity period; failing to apply during this period, can give a six-month grace period. Under objection, objection I shall review or the final outcome of the proceedings to decide whether to approve the renewal, such as registered trademark ultimately was not approve, I Board the renewal application is not approved, and request a fee refund.

(b) submission of applications

1, directly, in trademark applications for registration submitted by the receiving window of the Hall.

2, entrusts a trademark Agency, by the trademark agency delivering a copy of the application form for the trade mark Office.

(c) the payment of renewal fees for

each renewal of registration applications require payment of fees 2000 Yuan. If it is presented within the grace period of renewal applications for registration, the need to delay fee to pay 500 Yuan.

If the trademark Agency for any of, the Trademark Office deducted from the advances of the trademark agency charges.

v, note

1, approval of the renewal application, the Trademark Office applicant renewal certificate, directly, in accordance with the application to fill out the address, issued to the applicant by mail through agents, sent to the Agency.

2, if the request for renewal need correction, the trademark Bureau shall send a correction notice to applicant (directly, in accordance with the application to fill out the address, issued to the applicant by mail through agents, sent to Agency), require the applicant to make correction within a. Of the applicant is not in the required corrections within the prescribed, is entitled to the renewal application is not approved by the Trademark Office.

3, the renewal application is not approved, the Trademark Office has issued the notice of disapproval. Directly, in accordance with the application to fill out the address, issued to the applicant by mail through agents, sent to the Agency.

4, if the applicant has appointed agency request for renewal of a trademark, the Trademark Office all documents sent to the trademark Agency.

5, the category of the application for the trademark registration certificate should be in accordance with approved international classification categories to fill out.

six, in particular

(a) above is not the State administration for industry and commerce or the official of the State administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office issued, so all content is instructive, are not legally binding.

(b) the above revised in March 2010, if you later change, or apply for trademark registration in reception staff do not match the requirements of the Hall, reception personnel requirements shall prevail.

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