Work guide

Submit considerations for trademark applications

  Submitted a trademark registration and other relevant documents shall be typewritten or printed.

1, sending the trademark registration and other relevant documents shall be typewritten or printed.

2, trademark application must be submitted with staple binding. Binding order: ① application form ② power of Attorney ③ photocopy/photocopies of natural persons (copy to complete and write clearly) ④ other evidence (such as trademark portraits of "legalization", collective and certification marks material) ⑤ trademark pattern (new); binding location: trademarks on the right corner of the application.

3, list of trademark application must be submitted, and stamped with the seal of the Agency on the list. Listing in duplicate: one inline post, a job he retained. Keep the list should be the date of mailing and a bar code number. If direct trademark application must be served on the two lists. Please state agency phone number on the list.

list 4, fill in the content (for example: applicant's name, trade name, category, the trademark application number/registration number), the number of applicants reported to content, quantity is in accord with and in the corresponding column "√" (for example: change request in the "changes" section "√").

5, sending envelopes of various trademark application, shall be indicated on the cover page of the envelope the message content and number of pieces (such as: new applications, alteration, renewal of x x x parts).

6, sending various trademark applications by post must be registered or express post.

7, sending the objection application and renewal applications do not install it in the same envelope, mailed separately (to write clearly).

8, sending the trademark review and adjudication Board of various applications (such as registration, review, dismissed objections review, trademark disputes, and so on) and supplemental materials should be sent to the trademark review and adjudication Board.

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